Third Party Monitoring and Remote Management Modality Study

In 2020, Japan Platform engaged Trust Consultancy and Development, an independent TPM and research consultant, to conduct a research study and assessment of its third-party monitoring (TPM) and remote management (RM) modalities as well as those approaches used by other actors in the humanitarian and development sector.

The research focused on effectiveness of the TPM and remote management processes and modalities that have been adapted and implemented in Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan, South Sudan, Iraq and Palestine. These country contexts were specifically included because Japan Platform supports projects that are implemented these countries. In the aim of achieving insights into experiences with TPM and RM beyond stakeholders related to Japan Platform, the research study included perspectives from other implementation contexts and the wider aid sector.

The main objectives of the research study were to conduct a review of current practices of TPM and approached to RM, identify and analyze common challenges, and share and discuss lessons learned, recommendations and best practices. With this scope, the findings of the research study relate to all stakeholders in the aid sector's use of TPM and/or RM.

In order to share the findings of the study with a public audience, the study was finalized through a dissemination workshop held on January 20th. During the workshop, participants were encouraged to engage in open discussion around the key themes protruding the findings as well as share their experiences and insights. As hoped, the study proved useful for organizations and actors other than Japan Platform as well, as attendees of the workshop and participants during data collection showed a substantial interest in the topics raised.

A public version of the final report from the research study is available for download through the link below as well as a recording of the webinar.

Third Party Monitoring and Remote Management Modality Study Report (PDF 1MB)