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JPF Launching "Emergency Response to Pakistan Floods 2022" Program (Accepting Donations Now) ~Supporting the people in Pakistan affected by the worst flooding in history~

JPF Launching "Emergency Response to Pakistan Floods 2022" Program (Accepting Donations Now) ~Supporting the people in Pakistan affected by the worst flooding in history~(PDF 195KB)

Japan Platform (JPF), an emergency humanitarian aid organization, has launched an emergency response program on September 15 in response to the current situation in Pakistan that has been hit by repeated flooding since June of this year and is experiencing the worst level of damages in its history.

According to Pakistan's National Disaster Management Authority, the floods have so far taken the lives of more than 1,400 people and affected more than 33 million people*1. More than a third of the country has been submerged, and more than 1.5 million houses have been damaged*2, especially in Sindh Province where the damage is concentrated. According to the 2022 Pakistan Flood Response Plan (FRP)*3, which was jointly announced by the Government of Pakistan and the United Nations on August 30, the number of people in need of assistance is estimated to be approximately 6.4 million, and this requires US$160.3 million in aid.

JPF has begun accepting donations for this response today. We ask for your support to deliver prompt and effective assistance to this region.

*1 NDMA Monsoon 2022 Daily Situation Report No 93 (Dated 14th Sep, 2022)
*2 OCHA: PAKISTAN: 2022 Monsoon Floods Situation Report No. 5 As of 9 September 2022
*3 Pakistan 2022 Floods Response Plan: 01 Sep 2022 - 28 Feb 2023 (Issued 30 Aug 2022)”

1) Overview

Program Emergency Response to Pakistan Floods 2022
Term 6 months
Location Pakistan
Budget Government Funds: 160 million yen
Private Funds: 20 million yen
Organizations 5 JPF member NGOs

2) Background

The following damages have been reported by the National Disaster Management Authority of Pakistan*1 for June 14 through September 14, 2022:

  • 1,486 deaths and 12,749 injuries
  • 33,046,329 persons affected by the floods
  • 571,966 houses completely destroyed, and 1,188,406 houses partially damaged
  • 12,718 km of roads damaged and 390 bridges damaged

About Japan Platform(JPF)

JPF is Japan's emergency humanitarian assistance mechanism that was established in 2000 as an equal partnership among the NGOs, the business community, and the government. During both emergency and non-emergency times, it functions as a platform where the three parties and diverse people can collaborate by leveraging their strengths and resources. Through JPF, Japanese assistance is delivered quickly and effectively to people affected by natural disasters within and outside of Japan, as well as to refugees and internally displaced persons due to conflicts. To date, JPF has provided humanitarian assistance to more than 60 countries and regions, with a total of over 76 billion yen through more than 1,900 projects. While supporting over 40 member NGOs, each with its own specialties, in various ways and sharing information with them, JPF implements programs that are rooted in the needs of those who require assistance as a professional provider of emergency humanitarian assistance.

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