About Japan Platform

The JPF Model

As an international cooperation organization, Japan Platform (JPF) provides a new framework for emergency humanitarian aid, connecting important partners in our society including the NGO, corporate, and government sectors.

Delivering Humanitarian Aid to Areas in Need

In order to deliver fast and effective aid, JPF coordinates the efforts of NGOs, the business community, and the government, all of which participate as equal partners.

JPF serves as an intermediary support organization providing various types of assistance to member NGOs in Japan that do not have enough capacity to deliver quick and comprehensive aid on their own.

JPF has supported aid activities of more than 40 member NGOs, each with its own set of diverse strengths.  It has delivered humanitarian assistance to 60 nations and regions over 1,900 projects, with a total financial contribution of 76 billion yen. JPF has built a strong reputation based on trust by promoting cooperation among private sectors and NGOs and by accurately reporting all of its activities.

Since the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami that struck the Tohoku Region of Japan, JPF has provided over 7 billion yen for disaster relief and has partnered with many local organizations working for recovery in the Tohoku region. Through its support of many local, community-based activities, JPF has successfully connected many supporters with the people of Tohoku.

JPF's Model of Support

JPF's Model of Support

Benefits of Partnering with JPF

Corporate, organizational, and individual supporters are partners in delivering disaster aid. JPF selects NGOs that are the best fit for the tasks at hand, and acts as the bridge between supporters and appropriate delivery of goods and services to the victims of disasters and conflicts.

In order to help as many people as possible, JPF serves as a hub for humanitarian aid that

  1. Gathers different types of support from many sources, and
  2. Delivers aid activities to those in need through a partnership with more than 40 member NGOs, each with their individual strengths.

Many in the business community have said, "When disaster strikes, we receive many requests from individual NGOs for support, but it is difficult to discern where to take our support."

With JPF serving as the one-stop hub for disaster aid, these same members of the business community have expressed, "When we donate to JPF, we can be sure that our contributions will be used be used to support people in need after a disaster or conflict." Also, individual supporters have expressed their approval of JPF, stating that "with accurate activity reporting, JPF can be trusted."